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Suitable for making plastic products from 5ml up to L. Die Head is torpedo design with special flow channel for swift and complete mergence of plastic material inside and to provide better plasticized feature.

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Various Die Heads from single, double, three, up to eight die heads for the better choice. Parison extrusion speed can be separately controlled by throttles. Die Mouth Extrusion Adjustment by bináris szimulátor opciók adjustment; simple and safe way for the operator.

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Force-feeding design for the customized screw as an option. Cutting parison by electric-heated Opciószint jelző Cutter for cutting the parison of different resin.

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Opciószint jelző head is available by Cold Cutter. Blow Pin is driven by air pressure for neck twist-off design for precise and forced neck flash removal.

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Blow Pin Mandrel has the chill-water circulation or to add the air-exhaust feature for forming the bottle neck precisely. Blow Pin Pre-lift design before mold open, which is suitable for removing neck flash and ensure the cutting ring of the mold for long-term use.

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Blow Pin movement is driven by the solenoid valve for precise micro pre-lift movement to ensure the neck accuracy of small-necked bottles. Hydraulic System from YUKEN proportional control to provide strong and powerful mechanical movement and hydraulic clamping circuit.

The moving areas are with the manual self-lubricated devices to ensure the opciószint jelző for better durability and wear-proof.

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Full Shine special-designed Brake system for the Carriage to provide stable movement and swift positioning. Mold Carriage connects to the bottle line-up frame.

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Mold Platen moving system is driven by roller chain for stable performance. The device is driven by pneumatic and hydraulic system to ensure the complete deflashing performance, and also can add the post-cooling function. Option: Servo Control System for Machine Operation, from Opciószint jelző, Japan or Taiwan, with the close-loop system for accurate machine performance and saving power; furthermore, available for upgrading to fully-electric system.

PVC machinery with the special-designed screw, the barrel ventilator and air-exhaust design to ensure stable heating performance and to prevent the over-burned PVC issue.